New Paintings for AKAA art fair Paris in association with SMITH gallery

The idea of Dogmen (a mythical representation of The Other) seems to have become the central metaphor that underscores all the themes that im dealing with at the moment: fear of the other, otherness, boundaries, borders, separateness, exoticism, racial delusions/ exclusions, fear of the outside… which eventually all amounts to fear of self.

The introduction of beeswax into my work allows me to create thick layers which I  can scrape away in parts - like revealing unearthly secrets- allowing me create more complex and discreet colour layers and then to also create 3D elements with this colour- like plasticine.

This body of work is  counter-intuitive and adopt a kind of anti-aesthetic. The works repel and attract simultaneously. They are ugly and beautiful. The lack of logic behind the aesthetic confuse the audience and stimulate an odd sensation of anti-attraction’.